Sunday, June 7, 2009

broken glasses

i seem to have an addiction to chinese tea...i always have to buy a new kind when i go to the market. today i got chrysanthemum (such a long word, had to google translate it cuz i didnt noe how to spell it =.=;;) & honey, plum juice. i finished half the bottle before i got to the cashier...its really good

due to the fact that exams are coming up and my growing laziness, im eating takeout the the rest of the week, i got sweet&sour pork ribs, mix vegis and taro&corn congee (from congee wong)

a very unfortunate event happened today...when i was takin off my glasses, my chanel(had it for 3 years now) fell apart (refer to picture)...
the screw was always loss but i didnt realize it was THAT loss
*sigh idono where the screw went...

Lychee Face Mask

last night i was cleaning my bathroom cabinates and found a whole bunch of mask that my cousin&his wife gave when they came back from china and i decided to try one.
it was lychee flavored and its called "skin refine whitening mask", the mask smelled reali realli good when i opened the package and i wanted to eat it...:X
i works okie i guess my skin felt soft &smooth after

so i decided to take some pictures of what i did in art class lately, i started taking art classes last year because i wanted to go into design (architecture) in university and i had to prepare a portfolio.
so i got rejected by the school of architecture in waterloo but i still decided to continue takin classes. we started water color prob 2 month a go and i go every fridays, this is what we finished last last friday...ya i noe i such hah, i used too much water in the background and the color wasnt bright enough
this is what we did last friday, totally opposite from the other one, the branches, flowers and some details are still not done yet and we are going to finish it next friday. i hope this one turns out good
it was required to use a lot of water for this background but when it dried i realized there was too much watermarks left on it...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


went to our school's atheletic banquet today located at Shangri-La, the food was pretty good but after it kinda fell apart, everyone kinda went their own ways and no one wanted to dance
dress from vero moda bought in china
sandals from springs (only $22) bought on monday

Icing& Icecream, most of u probably think its nasty but it tasted pretty good :X before it turned my lips blue dat is =.=..

centrepiece on the table that was the same color as the icing, sand and some random stuff...not too sure what it's suppose to be tho...too artistic for me i guess hah

the winning raffle ticket number "336" that got a a $5 timmies card

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


today, i went for a very loose & casual look because i was realli tired yesterday (sleep at 3am because i was studying for a test and was planning to skip the first period, then soemone calls me at 8am and soemone came for a suprise visit at 10am) and just wanted somethin comfortable

closeup of the bottom

i really like the wooden bangles and the texture of the patterns thats carved into the wood and the patterns that stick out of the wood

fallin asleep studyin for my accounting test tomorow...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Course Calandar 09-10

what i wore today (above),
one-piece;;f21(bought yesterday @ eatons for $29)
flats;;la chateau

went for New College's "Welcome Event" at University of Toronto yesterday since i decided to go there for commerce. we had tours around the campus and the dorm rooms are HUGE, im pretty excited for next year..also very happy ill be in downtown: china town, eaton centre, queen street, frequent public transportation!
we got this course calendar(the size of a phone book) and a couple of other package and brochures as a guide for course selection this september. i havn't gone through the books at all and don't even know where to start!

a random shot when i was cam-whoring when taking pictures from zipia...

so my zipia stuff arrived, and im pretty happy with the results this time. the destroyed shorts i ordered fits perfectly! (size small) as well as the sandals (size 240, i recommend you go up half a size when order shoes from korea) which are pretty comfortable also. i also ordered a plain tanktop but i ordered the wrong color =/
now i gota find some outfits that go with the sandals and study for my data compensation test which is tomorrow afterschool >.<

Monday, June 1, 2009

lily bulb and papaya

this was originally suppose to be last night's post since i took the pictures last night.
i wanted to recommend this drink that i recently bought from t&t last week. its "lily bulb and papaya" flavor and the packaging looked nice so i decided to buy it(see picture above). i must say this combination of flavors is very good, especially when its cold, it has a very light taste and is perfect for the summer not to mention papaya is a good fruit for u (: i think it was a package of 6 for $2.99 but im not entirely sure on that...

also, i decided to try out a new nail polish from anna sui, and the picture shows how it turned out. the color's code is "240". it came with a free gift package including a makeup case, the nailpolish, a mini mascara, and a couple of other mini samples. it was a promotion at the sears in yorkdale about 2 weeks ago...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

the everchanging weather

went to whitby for a stroll along the lake and get some fresh air it started raining like crazy but we manage to make it back to the car just before it got really bad

on our way back, we were trying to outrun the gloomy clouds and escape the rain and we saw a gigantic rainbow and its reflection behind us